1998 Cessna 172R (N2268A) $135/hr

An excellent aircraft for private pilot and instrument training as well as a solid cross country aircraft if you want to take a trip.

General Description:

  • 4-Seat.

  • 4-Cylinder, normally aspirated 160 HP fuel injected engine  (Lycoming IO-360-L2A).

  • Fixed pitch 2-blade propeller.

  • 115 knot cruise @ 75% power @ 8,500 ft. Service ceiling 12,500 ft.

  • Day/Night VFR/IFR certified.

  • A solid aircraft for primary training or instrument certification.

  • Good condition 8/10 interior, 8/10 exterior.


  • One USB power outlet for Customer accessories.

  • Wired for conventional 2-plug headsets, all seats.


  • Garmin GNS-340 Audio Panel (with stereo music input, squelched on communication).

  • Garmin GNS-530W GPS (5 inch screen), (NAV/COM 1) with KI-209A CDI (locator and glide slope).

  • Bendix-King KX-165A (NAV/COM 2) with KI-205 CDI (locator only)

  • Bendix-King KR-87 ADF / AM Radio.

  • Bendix-King KAP-140 - Single axis autopilot.

  • Davtron M-803 Digital Clock/Timer.


  • Fuel 56 gal total, 53 useable, 35 at tabs.

  • Useful Load: 782.05 lbf, (when empty of useable fuel)

  • Empty Weight: 1667.95 lbf.

  • Max Gross Take-off Weight: 2450 lbf.

  • ARM: 39.26 in.

  • Moment: 65,488.14 in*lbf.


1978 Cessna 152 II (N69053) $100/hr

An excellent trainer aircraft for those interested in becoming a private pilot.  The lowest cost per flight hour aircraft available.

General Description:

  • 2-Seat.

  • 4-Cylinder, normally aspirated 118 HP engine  (Lycoming O-235-L2C, carburetor).

  • Fixed pitch 2-blade propeller.

  • 90 knot cruise @ 75% power @ 4,500 ft. Service ceiling 10,500 ft.

  • Day/Night VFR only certified.

  • A solid aircraft for primary training.

  • Good condition 9/10 interior, 8/10 exterior. Restored by McClellan Aviation Sept 2018.


  • Wired for conventional 2-plug headsets, both seats.


  • Simple Intercom

  • Garmin GPSmap 496 GPS.

  • Bendix-King KX-155A (NAV/COM).

  • Bendix-King KI-209A (locator and glideslope).

  • No marker receiver (this is why not IFR certified).

  • Garmin GTX-327 Transponder.

  • Carburetor Ice Temperature Gauge (for safety).

  • ADS-B (out) equipped.


  • Fuel 26 gal total, 24.5 useable.

  • Useful Load: 493.0 lbf, (when empty of useable fuel)

  • Empty Weight: 1177 lbf.

  • Max Gross Take-off Weight: 1670 lbf.

  • ARM: 33.8 in.

Airplane 2

Instruction in your own aircraft

We have instructors available capable of providing training at ALL levels, from light sport aircraft, all the way up to Airline Transport Professional (ATP).  Experimental aircraft owners welcome!  Need a flight review in your Cirrus or tail dragger?  We can do that.  Buying a high performance aircraft and need a high performance endorsement?  We can do that.